The Will & Trust Forms are intended to provide a resource for drafting solutions for an array of estate planning scenarios. To simplify the drafting of will and trust documents across all 50 states, Northern Trust provides complimentary access to a comprehensive range of forms for attorneys.

Response to 2010 Tax Relief Act

The 2010 Tax Relief Act brought some unexpected changes to the transfer tax system. While increased exemptions and lower tax rates present opportunities for clients in the next two years, attorneys are faced with drafting estate plans to help navigate this temporary, changeable tax environment. 

We are offering some initial reactions and language options for planners drafting and revising estate planning documents.  This update focuses on provisions of increased importance in 2011 and 2012 including: portability, setting a minimum for funding marital trusts and the possibility of repeal.

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Setting a Minimum for Funding Marital Trusts
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The Possibility of Repeal
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Forms Library

Benefit from Northern Trust's expertise with our library of convenient will and trust forms, which can be downloaded quickly and easily. They are available as a PDF for reference purposes and Microsoft Word for easy customization. Please review the Introduction which includes important information concerning the forms including newly updated language regarding the bypass formula. The forms will be updated to incorporate this new formula in the near future.

The Will & Trust forms are divided into four main series:

  • 100 Series: Wills
  • 200 Series: Revocable Trust Agreements for One Settlor (for use in common law property states)
  • 300 Series: Revocable Trust Agreements for Community Property (for use in community property states)
  • 400 Series: Miscellaneous Forms

Note: All forms are designed to be used by attorneys only. If you are not an attorney, please consult one with estate planning expertise.

Although the forms are the product of much thought and effort, no form is a substitute for informed legal judgment. The attorney must make an independent determination as to whether an applicable form in this book is generally appropriate for a client, how it must be modified for state law and to meet any special circumstances and objectives of the client, and whether or not a form not presented in these materials is better suited for a given client or client situation.

Northern Trust does not guarantee that the forms below effectively accomplish their purpose, and it assumes no responsibility for the forms or their use. By using a form from below, the attorney acknowledges that the attorney (and not Northern Trust) is responsible for any document which the attorney prepares based on the form. The attorney must customize the generic form for the law of the applicable state.

If you have questions regarding the Northern Trust Will & Trust Forms, please e-mail us at Will&TrustForms@ntrs.com or call 866-472-9332.

Benefit from Northern Trust's expertise with convenient will and trust documents, which can be downloaded quickly and easily.
Benefit from Northern Trust's expertise with convenient will and trust documents, which can be downloaded quickly and easily.
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